Content warning: Mental health issues

Can you escape the dungeon, all while keeping your inner demons in check?

Navigating the dungeon, picking up items and fighting enemies will gain you emotion cards, which may help or hinder your ability to keep your inner demons in check. Each turn they will attack your Bravery, Hope, and Confidence. If you run out of any of these, you will start to gain bad emotion cards, that will hurt your Resolve if you play them. Reach 0 Resolve, and you will succumb to your inner demons. Make it out of the dungeon before this happens, and maybe you will retain your sanity.

This is an entry for Bevy Jam #3. The theme is Side Effects - I interpreted this theme with the idea of having two games that you have to play in tandem, where each action you take in one game has a side effect on the other.


  • Arrow keys / WASD - move through the dungeon.
  • Mouse - play cards from your hand and end your turn.


You are the cyan square in the centre of the screen. Grey squares indicate tiles that you can move to.

The card game follows the following rules (a deck building game with a few twists):

  • Cards are all gained to the discard pile.
  • When you run out of cards in deck to draw, you shuffle the discard pile and it becomes your new deck.
  • At the end of your turn, all in-play cards get discarded, and you draw from your deck back up to 5 cards. Cards you didn't use on your turn stay in your hand.

Each turn, you may do the following:

  • Play any number of cards from your hand. Be careful though, many of them have negative effects. If you hover over a card, it will explain what it does.
  • Move through the dungeon. Typically on a turn, you get 5 moves before you have to end your turn, but some cards may enable you to get bonus moves for a turn.

The following items can be found in the dungeon, which all gain you positive emotion cards. You'll have to pick up the items to find out what the cards do!

  • Food cans - these will gain you three Satisfied emotion cards.
  • Books - these will gain you three Inspired emotion cards.
  • Treasure - these will gain you three Proud emotion cards.

Red squares are enemies. If you move into them, you fight them. The chance to win the fight is indicated by the 'Hit %' in the UI.

If you win the fight, the enemy will disappear and you'll get a Determined card.

 If you don't win the fight, the enemy will remain and you'll take a random negative card from the following:

  • Angry
  • Stressed
  • Dizzy

Good luck!


  • Rob Streeting - game design, programming, basic in-game art.
  • Helena Bird - card art.
  • Steve Bird - thumbnail art, game over art, completion screen art.

Other Assets

  • Fonts - "Kenney High" and "Kenney High Square" from Kenney Fonts


Download 16 MB
Version v1.0.0 Apr 07, 2023
inner_demons.dmg 14 MB
Version v1.0.0 Apr 07, 2023
Download 11 MB
Version v1.0.0 Apr 07, 2023

Install instructions

Please wait for the game to load - there is no loading screen yet and it may take a few seconds to load the assets in!

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